Morph Unboxing Tutorial

Skill Level – Beginner

Learn how to squish your bag of Morph before you open it to make it super soft giant ball of fluffy fun.  The more you play with your Morph, the fluffier it gets – learn how to Fluff your Morph to 3 times its size.

Create Fluff Texture

Skill Level – Intermediate

Use tweezers on your fluffed up Morph to create an fun fluffy pattern. Any simple sculpt becomes totally Morph-mazing when you add this 3D texture to your creations. Morph’s unique fluff formula is completely unique to this compound!

Make a Morph Baseball

Skill Level – Beginner

Did you know you can actually hit Morph with a baseball bat and it will keep its shape?  Make your own Morph baseball by combining two different colors or Morph.  Try making balls of different sizes and see how differently they bounce.

Make a Catapult

Skill Level – Advanced

Use popsicle sticks and elastic bands to make a Morph catapult.  This will shoot your Morph balls super high.  Make sure to get a parents help if you use super glue on the bottle cap!

Create Cute Accessories

Skill Level – Intermediate

Shape and wrap Morph around plastic accessories to make Morph-mazing wearable art.  Check out the video ‘Create Fluff Texture’ to make totally textured looks.  Customize your look with cool creations to make yourself.