Morph Toy

It’s the shape-shifting fluff that does all the stuff!

Morph is an ultra light, super soft sensory sensation. 

Flip and fold to fluff your Morph and watch it grow to 3 times its size. Create fun fluff textures and super soft cloud-like creations. Morph is millions of mini-spheres that are filled with air and magically stick together. The more you Morph it the fluffier it gets!

Morph a boat and watch it float! Morph a ball against the wall!

Morph is the coolest new compound that it truly transformative.  It’s simply mind-blowing to watch Morph hold its shape as you hit it with a baseball bat and then easily form into a floating island or fluffy fish.   With so many unique play patterns, the possibilities are endless.



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Morph sticks to itself, making it super easy to clean up!  We love that it doesn’t dry out, meaning that the kids play with it over and over again without worrying about proper storage.

The stickers on the front are so cool!  My kids want to collect them all!

This stuff is so cool.  I keep some at my desk for stress relief throughout the day!

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