What is Morph made from?
Morph is 75% ultralight spheres and 25% non-toxic, synthetic polymer.

Is Morph Non-Toxic?
Morph is Non-Toxic. Morph has been safety tested to meet the highest standards around the world and is safe for
children’s play.

How should I store Morph?
Morph will not dry out in the open air. We have found the most effective storage method is a resealable poly bag or
food storage container.

My pet has eaten a large amount of Morph, what should I do?
If your pet has consumed a large amount of Morph, please seek advice from your Veterinarian. They will be able to
advise appropriate action. We recommend you store Morph out of reach from your Pets.

Why is my Morph sticky?
Don’t worry, your Morph has become too warm and needs to cool down. Let Morph sit at room temperature or place
in the refrigerator until it has cooled. Once cooled, Morph will return to its original consistency and not be sticky.

Why is my Morph crumbly?
Morph may produce some crumbs if it is excessively “fluffed”. Don’t worry, Morph loves to stick to itself. Simply use a
larger piece of Morph to pick up the crumbs.

Can you mix Morph with Water?
Yes. However, water will change the behavior of Morph. Morph is like a sponge and will hold water inside. To return
Morph to its original state squeeze the water out, then spread your Morph out flat and let the remaining water

Can Morph be used in the bathtub?
Although one of Morph’s unique features is that it floats, we do not recommend using it in the tub.  Morph is made of millions of mini-spheres that shouldn’t be put down drains.

My child has Allergies, can they play with Morph?
Morph is suitable for most kids with allergies. Morph is wheat, gluten, nut and casein free and 100% non-toxic.
Children who have rare allergies to Synthetic Polymers should not play with Morph.